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Avanzar was working with Michelle at Evolve Digital Solutions to create a fresh new website; the business had expanded and their offering had diversified.  The website build was attempting to bring together all facets of the business into one, central hub.  However, it became clear on that journey that it was time to reinvent the Avanzar logo so it fitted better with the more modern aspects and services of the brand.

The original logo colours of Avanzar were out of date and no longer in line with the more natural ethos underpinning Avanzar and its philosophies.  Taking inspiration from photos supplied by the client that were to be used on the new website, we created a new palette far more fitting.  We developed a full palette for broader usage and then narrowed it down to five main colours that would feature heavily and prominently over the site.  

The brief was for the logo to be simple yet professional and businesslike.  It should be clean but soft and represent the fresh feel of the ocean and nature.  Water is important to Avanzar and holds special meaning and significance.  

Although somewhat hesitant to change a beloved, long-held logo Avanzar are now completely onboard and excited to be launching the new logo and website with a renewed energy that fits their personality. 

They couldn’t be happier!

A full colour palette was taken from photos from the client’s personal favourites.

The palette was narrowed down to a handful that the worked well together and fitted with the company brand.

“Buttons” created for the company’s web build.

Avanzar’s old logo